KINDLER’s member got the first prize at the NEO × QRC GlobalHackathon on 2018/4/13[fri]-15[sun]

KINDLER’s member got the first prize at the globalhackathon that be organized by NEO founders and QRC!!! We develop the service for travel with blockchain. We met so nice people, and could learn and try a lot of new things. It was great time. Thanks a lot everyone!
(We got the picture after event. One of our member went to SanFrancisco for blockchain conf. We wish he were there💦)
Blockchain技術を用いた旅行に関するサービスを作って、仮想通貨NEOのファウンダー&QRCの方々が主催するHackathonで最優秀賞頂きました!タイ・ルクセンブルク(フランス)・ドイツ・日本とGlobalTeamの開発は発見が多かったです!(メンバー1名イベント参加後そのままSanFranciscoのBlockchainConfへ) #globalhackathon #neo #仮想通貨 #blockchaincommunity #blockchaintokyo #blockchains ‬


NEO × QRC Hackathonにて最優秀賞を受賞致しました!
NEO × QRC Hackathonにて最優秀賞を受賞致しました!

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